Hey Consultants! 👋

This is PART 2, please follow the steps below to officially complete your application. 

STEP 1: How to find your Zoom personal meeting URL

Our primary platform for conducting coffee chats will happen on Zoom (a video conferencing tool) – at no cost! We require all consultants to create a Zoom account and submit their meeting link as soon as possible. We will track this into our system and send this link out only to your high school student match when a coffee chat is booked. 

If you do not have a Zoom account please follow the steps below:

Already have a Zoom account? Click here

1.     Visit https://zoom.us and click the sign up button.

2.     Enter your personal email and click sign up OR alternatively sign up with you Google or                Facebook accounts

3.     Verify the email sent to your mailbox


4.     Fill in the required information


5.     You can skip this step

6.     Copy the personal meeting url.

If you already have a Zoom account and don’t know where to find your personal meeting url please follow the steps below:

1.     Click your account icon (top right of screen)

2.     Under “Personal” click “Profile”

3.     Copy your personal meeting url.

STEP 2: Download and sign the "GNCAF" & Review "GNSRR"

Refer to the attached Grapevine Networking Consultant Agreement Form (GNCAF), download and sign. This is a significant element of our sign up process and needs to be submitted in STEP 3. Also, please review and read the Grapevine Networking Service Rules and Regulations (GNSRR).


Click Here to Open GNCAF PDF

Click Here to Open GNSRR PDF


STEP 3: Submit

Submit a response on the form below. This is the final application step for all consultants. We look forward to hearing from you and once again welcome onboard!


PART 2: Consultant Application Form

Attach Completed GNCAF

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*Disclaimer: Grapevine Networking is in no way affiliated with Zoom Video Communications*