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Is to connect students with mentors and industry professionals. We understand how stressful and daunting it can be when applying for post secondary education…so why not connect them to others who have been in their shoes and have lived to tell the tale!

We want to help with the transition for high school students and ease their tensions. As for the mentoring students, or as we like to call them – our "consultants," not only are they giving back to the community, but they also have the opportunity to access our career building services and network with industry professionals.

This is our way of “building community through community!”


Grapevine Networking was born when our founder was assisting younger students in his community through answering questions about post secondary education and internships. As their senior, he found himself scheduling multiple calls and chats with students to raise awareness of various resources and also connect them with his friends in different fields of study. He very soon realized how confused students were and noticed their search for guidance from upper year students.


This platform was created in response to help bridge the gap between high school, post secondary education, and industry professionals through providing resources, mentorship opportunities, workshops, and events to better prepare students for the real world.

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